What are some of the Benefits of pursuing Mediation during a Divorce?

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce in Maryland but are unable to resolve certain issues such as  how your assets are going to be divided or custody or visitation with your children, your divorce will be classified as a contested one. When a couples’ divorce is contested, it can make the process more difficult and delay finalizing the divorce. If the parties have initiated the divorce process through the court system, nearly all contested cases get referred to court ordered mediation while the case proceeds on a trial schedule. Hence, you should inquire about the mediation process once you anticipate your marriage is coming to an end. Read more

Maryland Passes New Divorce Law that Applies to Those Who are Filing for an Absolute Divorce

A new law recently took effect in the state of Maryland regarding filing for an absolute divorce and many spouses might be happy to hear what modification this new law has made. As of October 1, 2018, both parties who are filing for an absolute divorce on the grounds of mutual consent are no longer required to appear together before the court in order for their divorce to be granted [Source: SB 499]. In the past, the law required that both individuals be present in court at the same time given the same circumstances applied. Read more