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Maryland law regulates the process individuals must follow to get divorced in the state. According to the Maryland courts, there are two types of divorce in Maryland: “absolute divorce” and “limited divorce.” Individuals can file for absolute divorce, which ends the marriage, in many instances, only after they have lived separate from their former spouse for a period of 12 months. However, more recent changes to the law allow for an absolute divorce without any separation. In cases of adultery, cruelty, or violence, individuals may be able to file for absolute divorce sooner. A “Limited divorce” won’t end your marriage, but will allow you to resolve some of the legal questions that arise when two married people separate. In one instance or the other, you will have to answer questions about your assets, division of property, child custody, sources of income, and division of debts. Divorce can be a very complicated process. The Maryland courts recommend that individuals consider seeking the advice of a divorce lawyer before filing for divorce. A divorce lawyer, like those at Barkley & Kennedy in Rockville, Maryland can help you understand your rights during the divorce process.

How Can I Get Divorced in Rockville, Maryland?

 In Maryland, historically, married couples had lived apart for 12 months before their divorce could be finalized. However, there are some important exceptions to this rule, including a new limited statute allowing for a divorce without a separation based on “mutual consent”. Also, if you are in a violent relationship or if your partner cheated on you, you may be entitled to file for a final divorce more quickly. In order to divorce in Maryland, you must file all divorce papers, serve the other party the divorce papers, and offer proof to the court that the other party has received the paperwork. During the divorce process, you and your lawyer may undergo discovery. During discovery, your lawyer may review your and your spouse’s finances and parenting issues. It is important to gather as much information as possible because this will allow your divorce attorney to be able to begin an equitable division of property and debts. In many cases, individuals choose to resolve these questions outside of court with the help of their divorce lawyer. In other instances, questions of alimony, division of assets, and child custody may go to trial. Your trial will either be a hearing to finalize any divorce agreement you and your former spouse make outside of court, or a contested trial before a judge who will make a decision.

Getting divorced in Rockville, Maryland can be a complex process. You are entitled to an equitable division of all assets acquired during the marriage. You may be entitled to alimony. You may also have to resolve questions of child custody. Barkley & Kennedy are divorce attorneys in Rockville, Maryland who work closely with individuals who are planning to get divorced. Divorce can be complex, but you don’t have to go through it alone. The experienced trial and divorce attorneys at Barkley & Kennedy are here for you.

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 Divorce can be one of the most emotionally challenging life events a person will face. Your family may be undergoing immense changes. Not only might you be dividing one household into two, but you may also have questions about where your children will reside and who will be the children’s primary caretaker. Divorce can also raise questions about finances, retirement, debts, home ownership, and more. Don’t try to solve all these difficult questions by yourself. Speak to the qualified Rockville, Maryland divorce lawyers at Barkley & Kennedy today.