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What Are Some Ways I Can Prepare for a Child Custody Case in Maryland?

If you are going through a divorce and you have children, one of the most pressing matters that you will find yourself dealing with  is child custody. If you are like most parents, you probably are hoping that you are awarded fair custody and that you can reach an  agreement that  is in the best interest of your child.  With a little preparation, you can increase the chances of  this happening.  Going into a child custody case prepared helps you  obtain the outcome that is in your favor and also gives you the advantage of knowing what to expect. Read more

What are the Different Types of Child Custody Arrangements in Maryland?

When two parents decide to divorce or separate, generally they need to come to some sort of agreement on how their time is going to be divided between their children, also referred to as a custody arrangement. While parents are encouraged to work together and create a custody arrangement of their own, it must be reviewed by a judge to ensure it is in the best interest of the child. The State of Massachusetts recognizes four types of custody arrangements and we are explaining what these are below. Read more

Tips for Individuals Who are Filing for Divorce After the Age of 50

Going through a divorce can be difficult for any couple, regardless of their ages. But, divorcing after you have spent 20+ years with the same person and reaching a point in your life where you simply want to be settled can be extremely difficult for many to accept. Many individuals who are 50 or older and have recently divorced find themselves lost as they spent a good portion of their life with this one person. These Individuals have established routines, managed their finances, and developed a lifestyle with their partner whom they thought they would be married to for the rest of their life but will soon be disconnected from. Read more

What are the Steps in a Child Custody Case in Maryland?

Child custody is one of the most complicated aspects of any divorce and the process is often harder on the children than it is on the parents. When a divorce is contested, child custody is frequently more difficult to resolve as the parties find it hard to  agree on how their parenting time is going to be divided.  If a divorce is uncontested and the parties are able to agree on the other issues,  they generally have a greater chance of  establishing a child custody plan that works for both parties and the children. Read more

How Can Infidelity Affect My Divorce?

Many marriages fail for numerous reasons, infidelity, also referred to as adultery, being one of the most common.  While some couples are successful in working through the loss of trust, others cannot stand to endure the stress and pain the infidelity has brought to the marriage and choose to divorce. Adultery as an issue in a divorce creates a more complex set of issues both as to financial issues as well as custody if minor children are involved. Read more

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Property Division in Divorce Keys in Front Door

How Does Property Division in Divorce Work?

Property Division in Divorce

Divorces usually involve property division. With a few important exceptions, all the property that was acquired during a marriage is considered marital property in Maryland. Marital property normally includes such things as houses, cars, furniture, personal property, stocks, bonds, jewelry, bank accounts, pensions, retirement plans, 401k accounts and IRA’s. It generally does not include the value of professional degrees/licenses. Read more

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How Do I Get a Divorce in Maryland?

What are the grounds for divorce in Maryland?

The reason that you are entitled to a divorce in Maryland is called the “grounds.” Maryland has “no-fault” and “fault” grounds for divorce. Read more

Checklist for a Small Business

More Small Business Legal Mistakes

Lots of helpful advice about potential legal mistakes for small business owners already exists on the internet. Sometimes, though, too much advice can be overwhelming. We’ve combed through the results and found the articles that we think are the best, and added some of our own. Read more

Calculator LLC versus S Corp

S Corp versus LLC – what is the difference?

Business owners know that structuring your business can be challenging. Here is how to tell whether to file as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or to be taxed under Subchapter S of Chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code, otherwise known as an S Corporation. Read more