Child Custody Lawyers and Attorneys in Rockville, Maryland

If you are getting divorced or separated in Rockville, Maryland, questions of child custody may be foremost on your mind. Questions of child custody can be among the most stressful and emotionally fraught concerns during divorce or separation. The courts encourage the parents to self-determine co-parenting solutions. Every family will be allowed to find its own solution that is in the best interests of the children and the family, failing which the court will. However, it is important that parents develop a parenting plan that is in accord with Maryland’s laws. Under Maryland law, you may be required to take co-parenting classes, undergo a custody or parenting evaluation, or undergo mental health evaluations and treatment. Usually, couples undergo mediation before their case goes to trial. If you have questions about child custody in Rockville, Maryland, consider speaking to the child custody lawyers of Barkley & Kennedy today.

How is Child Custody Determined in Rockville, Maryland?

 In Maryland, child custody decisions are made based on the court’s determination of the best interests of the child. The child’s needs are always considered before the parents’ needs. The courts may look at several factors when determining what is in the best interests of the child. For example, the court may consider a mature child’s own wishes, history of abuse, the child’s relationship with both parents, each parent’s ability to encourage a relationship with the other parent, and the parents’ willingness to work together to make decisions for the child.

The courts don’t tend to favor one parent over the other. In general, the courts tend to favor awarding both parents legal custody with one parent receiving primary physical custody of the child. However, joint physical custody is a frequently agreed upon or court mandated resolution of a custody dispute. While this arrangement isn’t right for all families, some families find shared legal and physical custody arrangements to be in the best interests of the children. It is important to consider your child’s needs and each parent’s wishes. The courts will also consider cases of abuse, neglect, or other major concerns that might result in limiting one parent’s interactions with the child. However, these determinations are rare. In general, the courts tend to promote both parents enjoying a healthy relationship with the children.

Your child custody lawyer can help you gather important materials and information together to help you build the strongest case under the law. If you want physical custody of your child, you’ll have to show the courts that your household will result in the easiest transition for your child. Generally, it helps to show that you have been your child’s primary caretaker. Who takes the child to school? Who takes the child to medical appointments? Who is responsible for being in touch with the child’s school? Your child custody lawyer can help you gather evidence and work to get the best outcome possible for your family.

In many cases, child custody decisions can be made outside of court with the help of your attorney. More families are choosing to make these decisions outside of court. Bringing a child custody case before a judge means that a stranger will be making decisions for your family based on information provided in court. Most parents, even though they may have disagreements, are able to reach some kind of resolution that allows them to avoid taking a child custody case to court. In other instances, cases must be brought before a judge. If you are in the process of making these decisions, consider speaking to Barkley & Kennedy today. Our Rockville, Maryland child custody attorneys can help you understand your rights and protect your family.

I’m Concerned About My Child’s Safety in My Maryland Child Custody Case

 While most child custody cases involve two parents who may disagree, but who ultimately want what is best for the child, there are other custody cases where a child’s safety may be in question. If you are concerned about your ex’s past violence, substance abuse, restraining order, or other safety issues, you may want to speak to a child custody lawyer like the attorneys at Barkley & Kennedy today in Rockville, Maryland. Our firm may be able to assist you in seeking supervised visitation or supervised exchange arrangements to protect both you and your children. If you are leaving an abusive relationship, it is important to protect your rights and protect your children. A child custody lawyer may be able to help.

Compassionate and Caring Counsel in Rockville, Maryland

 Child custody decisions can bring up some of the most difficult emotions during a divorce or separation. The choices you make in your parenting plan today can impact your family for years to come. It can also be very difficult to modify a parenting plan once it has been finalized. If you have questions about child custody, speak to the Rockville, Maryland child custody lawyers at Barkley & Kennedy today.